Return On Investment

Your company wins from day one!

Below you will find an overview per activity sector with a calculation of how much time a user must save per day to recoup the user costs of our software.

The calculation is based on the official Labor Cost statistics for 2020 from Statbel (Belgium).


In 2020 there were an average of 21 working days per month.

When we divide the monthly user cost for Standard and Custom software by the number of working days, we arrive at € 31,10 / 21 = € 1,48 and € 46,80 / 21 = € 2,23 per working day, respectively.

The average labor cost per hour worked across all activity sectors is € 40,50.

With a respective daily cost of € 1,48 and € 2,23, this means that if a user saves 2'11" (Standard User) or 3'18" (Custom User) per working day, you have already recouped the user cost.

This is calculated without taking into account the costs you save on other software licenses, website hosting, etc.

Source: Statbel

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